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Lohoff Gaida Consulting can work with your organization to achieve exceptional outcomes - personal, professional and organizational.

burt-fall-2014Dr. Burt Lohoff-Gaida has 25 years of international experience working in senior human resource roles for four multinational corporations. He lived 20 years in Europe and received his Master’s degree and PhD in Germany. Fluent in German, conversational in Spanish, and certified as an executive coach through CTI, Burt Lohoff-Gaida employs his multi-cultural and coaching abilities to help businesses fully connect to their employees. His business understanding and human resources experience will help transform your company in the areas of employee selection, retention, management competencies, succession planning and team performance. He is certified in PDP (franchise owner) and Hogan assessment programs. He is a business owner in Germany, and well equipped to consult with family firms. He holds certificates in Family Business Advising and Family Wealth Advising from the Family Firm Institute (FFI), Boston.

The son of German immigrants, Burt Lohoff-Gaida transferred to the University of Munich to experience an academic year abroad. What should have been a one year adventure turned into 20 years of studies and employment in Germany and Switzerland. After completing his Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Munich and a PhD in Political Science from the University of Bochum, Burt Lohoff-Gaida began his professional career at BASF AG in Ludwigshafen Germany. He was an international HR manager responsible for all policy and strategy issues dealing with the company’s US and Canadian affiliates. He was also responsible for BASF’s expatriate program. During his time at BASF AG, Burt Lohoff-Gaida completed his MBA at Boston University’s European branch.

Burt Lohoff-Gaida joined Kraft Foods International, Munich, Germany as Human Resources Director, R&D division. He was responsible for all HR functions supporting multiple product lines, 20 locations and 400 employees dispersed across Europe and North America. His role included university recruiting, compensation, benefits, training, organizational development and expatriate management. With the acquisition of Jacobs Suchard by Kraft Foods, Burt Lohoff-Gaida was transferred to Zurich to head up Human Resources for the larger R&D division of Kraft Jacobs Suchard ($10B sales, 33,000 employees).

In 1996 Burt Lohoff-Gaida returned to the United States and joined Abbott Laboratories as HR Director, Europe. As European HR Director, Burt Lohoff-Gaida had HR responsibility for an organization with $3B in sales, 5,500 employees in 25 countries and 8 manufacturing sites. He later was responsible for Human Resources in Latin America and Canada, supporting an organization with $1.4B sales in 18 countries.

Lohoff-Gaida Consulting, LLC supports companies in the areas of: Assessment, Recruitment, Retention, Leadership, Motivation, Talent Development, Communication, Team Performance, Succession Planning, Multi-Cultural Teams, Conflict Management and Corporate Culture.

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Great business results come from people. As a consultant, coach, and HR executive, my passion has always been identifying talent and helping senior managers and executives harness their leadership skills to the fullest.

Lohoff-Gaida Consulting can work with your organization to achieve exceptional outcomes—personal, professional and organizational. With more than 25 years of on-the-ground, corporate experience, we can provide the tools to manage the range of talent, performance and retention issues organizations face.

Burt Lohoff-Gaida