Working With Us

Our consulting approach identifies and reinforces the actions to maximize executives’ performance and company results on a continuous basis. Our approach is informed by a range of proven personality assessment and organizational review models, including Hogan and PDP. However, we also collaborate with each of our clients to adapt their existing tools or methodologies to fit the unique needs of their situation.

In both our personalized and program consulting, our aim is to understand our clients’ needs from a systemic, holistic perspective. We identify the triggers connecting individuals’ professional goals, personal development, and individual attributes to the organization’s business context, culture, and growth goals. Understanding these vital connections, and helping our clients understand where these connections need strengthening, always guides our engagements—whether at the individual coaching level or as part of our expatriate program consulting .


The Lohoff-Gaida Framework

Our coaching framework is crafted around four progressive phases: Character, Competence, Collaboration, and Contribution. Each phase is designed to strengthen the connection between the individual’s actions and his or her positive, long-terms impact in the organization. This model is used in both our executive and expatriate coaching engagements.

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Understanding the business context and defining the coaching scope

Key issues/ questions:
•    What is the company’s culture and talent development approach?
•    What are the individual’s key strengths and areas of development?
•    What are the individual’s key drivers?
•    What does the individual need to do to advance in his or her career?

Scrutinizing personal strengths and development needs

Key issues/ questions:
•    How does the individual perceive his/her strengths and developmental needs?
•    What are the individual’s technical, managerial, and leadership skills?
•    How do others perceive these areas?
•    What is the potential impact on the individual’s career progress?

Understanding and improving relationships with teams and networks

Key issues/ questions:
•    How can the individual build on his or her strengths and address development needs most effectively?
•    What steps can the individual take to become a more effective collaborator?
•    How can the individual become a mentor to his or her team?

Setting a course for long-term high-performance and accountability

Key issues/ questions:
•    What commitments—by the individual and coach—need to be in place to ensure success?
•    How can the manager best support the individual’s development and high performance?

Our Coaching Process

When you work with us, we’ll start by meeting with your leadership or business sponsors to understand your unique situation. Our goal is to uncover your business needs and begin laying out a strategy for the coached executive and key stakeholders.

Our coaching engagements typically begin with a minimum commitment of six months, with most engagements lasting twelve to eighteen months. As part of our initial strategy planning, we will advise you on a suggested timeline based on your situation and our previous experience.

Our approach includes a combination of interviews with the executive and his or her manager and peers, an executive self-assessment, a personalized development plan, intensive regular coaching sessions, and ongoing coaching support as needed. For expatriate engagements, we would also provide in-depth assessment and coaching for the executive’s spouse—who can be the make-or-break factor in a successful transition to an international assignment.