Organizational Health

Helping to keep family business healthy and create a lasting legacy

Purchase a Behavioral Profile for $199.00   For a limited time, and to better understand the results of your assessment, you can arrange a 30 minute conversation with Dr. Burt Lohoff-Gaida, at no additional charge. Once you have reviewed your personal report, just e-mail with your contact information and he will schedule a phone call with you.

Good employees want to continue to learn, develop and advance in their careers. If you are a company that can offer you employees these type of opportunities, you will be able to retain and they will help your company succeed.

Lohoff-Gaida Consulting offers different workshops that will help develop and motivate your employees. We will work with you to adapt these workshops to fit your company’s culture. Our workshops include:

  • Attracting and Hiring the Best: Create accurate job models for attracting, interviewing and hiring the best candidate.
  • Building and High Performance Teams: Assess team environment, identity and purpose while fostering mutual respect.
  • Understanding Personal Strengths: Understand your own natural behavioral traits, decision-making style and energy level. (eLearning available)
  • Developing Effective Communication Skills: Develop quality working relationships through improved communication skills.
  • Strengthen Leadership Performance: Develop effective leadership skills through personal evaluation and group process.