Using the Best Tools to Make the Right Hiring Decision

Purchase a Behavioral Profile for $199.00   For a limited time, and to better understand the results of your assessment, you can arrange a 30 minute conversation with Dr. Burt Lohoff-Gaida, at no additional charge. Once you have reviewed your personal report, just e-mail with your contact information and he will schedule a phone call with you.

Hire Right

The future success of your company depends on hiring the right people. Why not let science help you make better hiring decisions? PDP’s Job Scan® and JobModels takes the guess work out of how to hire the best possible person. Using the strengths and styles of your top performers, we can create job models against which you compare your job candidates. And, based on these behavioral attributes, we will develop a catalog of questions that will help you identify the best match for your vacancy. And once you have matched the right person to the right job, you increase both the individual’s and company’s success and reduce your turnover costs.

Job Model Report

  • Job Dynamics Analysis
  • Job Model Data Sheet
  • Job Model Intensity Chart

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Screening Reports

  • Applicant Ranking
  • Job Matching Intensity Chart
  • Job Matching Chart
  • Interviewing Guides
  • Selection/Recruiting Report

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