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Purchase a Behavioral Profile for $199.00   For a limited time, and to better understand the results of your assessment, you can arrange a 30 minute conversation with Dr. Burt Lohoff-Gaida, at no additional charge. Once you have reviewed your personal report, just e-mail with your contact information and he will schedule a phone call with you.

The most important decision that a company makes is whom it hires.  Companies need to hire not only the person with the right skills and proven experience but also someone who has the right attitude and who will fit the business environment they have been brought into.

At Lohoff-Gaida Consulting, we have the tools and experience to support you in assessing candidates based on their behavior traits, decision making style, energy level and how they are perceived by others.  We also help our clients put together job models against which they can compare different candidates. And finally, we can show you how to get the most out of your interviewing process.

Attract and Hire the Best

Lohoff-Gaida Consulting LLC uses the integrated  people management System from PDP. Your company will also experience the success that comes from identifying and hiring the best!