We'll work with your new executives to make sure they lay the right foundation for success.

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Ensuring that transitioning team members hit the ground running

In today’s light-speed business environment, it’s critical for employees in new roles to ramp up and show results quickly. To be successful, employees need to accelerate their learning and grasp their new environment, while also establishing or deepening credibility with new team members and securing early wins. At the same time, employees need to transition from their previous roles and—for in-company transitions—ensure a successful hand-off to their successors.

Experience shows that employees’ first 90–100 days in a new role can be THE make-or-break time for themselves and their inaugural projects. If not managed effectively, the onboarding experience can have cascading negative impacts—personal, professional, and/or organizational.

We can help you and your employees lay the foundation for success during these critical transitions.

Our onboarding programs include:

  • Helping employees manage the mental and emotional transitions between job roles
  • Assessing employees’ readiness for change, identifying personal obstacles, and overcoming these barriers
  • Identifying individuals’ personal and professional priorities and developing action plans to tackle them
  • Assessing the strengths and development needs of teams impacted by change—and building teams for greatness
  • Evaluating and helping bridge communication styles among individuals, managers, and teams
  • Developing personalized time management plans to ensure work/life balance and avoid burnout