International Executive Search

Finding the best global talent to create international business success.



International recruitment firms can help companies identify capable executives for assignments overseas. However, even top-tier firms can lack in-house expertise to effectively assess and coach executives for success abroad.

Lohoff-Gaida Consulting partners with executive search firms in the United States and abroad to provide an intensive framework for candidate evaluation, preparation, and orientation to the new cultural and business environment. Examples include advising U.S. search firms on German candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, and adaptability for U.S. assignments, or providing consultation to German recruiters for their U.S. talent search. For both client companies and recruitment firms, partnering with us can mean the difference between a successful long-term employee engagement and a potentially costly and time-consuming talent mismatch.

Our executive search services include:

  • international-executive-searchingIntensive assessment of candidates’ individual strengths and development needs (we use PDP’s ProScan and JobScan assessment programs)
  • Assessment of an employee’s spouse and family for international relocation
  • Creating an individualized employee development plan
  • Preparing the employee for his or her international assignment
  • Employee coaching and assessment during key assignment milestones—90 days, six months, 12 months—or on an ongoing basis
  • Preparing the employee for a successful return home and reintegration into the local organization