International Executive Coaching

Helping key players reach their full potential in the global marketplace.

What does success mean to you? For Lohoff-Gaida consulting it means achieving your professional goals and having a fulfilled personal life. Both of these go hand-in-hand. The key to being successful is to get both the professional and the personal into balance. This isn’t easy given the ever-increasing stress that comes with holding an important job and responding to the needs of a demanding family. Add to this equation the fact that you are getting ready to or in fact living in a foreign country and life becomes crazy! This is where an executive coach with international experience can help.

When you work with us, we’ll start by meeting with your leadership or business sponsors to understand your unique situation. Our goal is to uncover your business needs and begin laying out a strategy for the coached executive and key stakeholders.

Our coaching engagements typically begin with a minimum commitment of six months, with most engagements lasting six to twelve months. As part of our initial strategy planning, we will advise you on a suggested timeline based on your situation and our previous experience.

Our approach includes a combination of interviews with the executive and his or her manager and peers, an executive self-assessment, a personalized development plan, intensive regular coaching sessions, and ongoing coaching support as needed. For expatriate engagements, we would also provide in-depth assessment and coaching for the executive’s spouse—who can be the make-or-break factor in a successful transition to an international assignment.

The results of your executive coaching experience will be measurable and beyond measure. We will help you to adjust quickly to your new environment and become more effective in your new team. We will keep you on track, focusing on the important and strategic issues rather than the urgent derailers. Our coaching methods will expand your leadership knowledge, skills and competence. During the coaching sessions you will also be held accountable for the way you are managing the affairs at home. Your overall success is measured not only at the boardroom table but also at the kitchen table