Your Famiy

Building a solid family foundation so that your business can flourish.

As a family business owner you have to balance your priorities and invest in both your business and your family. This is not easy and usually one of the two suffers.  If your business is new, chances are you are spending long hours at the office or on airplanes, coming home late at night only to see your kids already in bed sleeping. You don’t get to many baseball games, let alone time to even consider coaching one of their teams.  You tell yourself that this will all soon change, once you have the business where it needs to be.

Is your spouse, are your kids as passionate about the business as you are? Have you discussed with them the legacy that you are trying to create?  Do you receive the support from your family that you feel you need and deserve, especially since you are providing for them all of the material comforts that they need, and more?

As the years pass, your business becomes more mature, your kids are in their teens and the thought might cross your mind that you’d like to slow down a bit. Maybe bringing your son or daughter into the business is now an option that you are contemplating. Is a career in the family company something they have dreamed of or are they feeling pressure to stay and give up on their real dream?

Maybe you are running the family business with a brother or sister. Do the two families get along? Do they enjoy spending holidays together or do family get-togethers usually end in arguments?

Lohoff-Gaida Consulting works with families that run businesses. We know that there are issues, conflicts, perceptions that can weigh heavy on the lives of family members.  You can count on us to come alongside your family to work through these difficult issues, to improve communication and reach family harmony. Without it, your business will suffer. We will help you create a family commitment statement, zero in on your family’s core values and define your family vision. By doing these things, your family’s commitment to the business will be built on a solid foundation.