Leadership Development

Assessing Potential and Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

If you go to Amazon.com and type in the word “Leadership”, you will get 20 webpages of book listings.  Consultants offer workshops on leadership; you can buy videos on the subject or listen to audio books in the car. Yet, with all of the tools available to them, leadership development is not a top priority for family business owners.

In his book “The Mentor Leader”, Tony Dungy writes “mentor leadership focuses on building people up, building significance into their lives, and building leaders for the next generation.”

There is a real need to find some quiet time, to think about the key functions in your organization and be realistic about the individuals in your company or family who might have the potential and the interest to one day take on these roles.  If you can’t identify these individuals in your business or family, then you need to look in the market for the right talent.  On the other hand, if there are individuals who show promise then development plans need to be put in place to get these people ready for their future roles.

We can help you measure the bench-strength of your current organization.  We will work with you to identify weaknesses and find solutions to fix these problems.  Maybe you need to bring in external talent to equip your team for future success. Or, you have talent with lots of potential to move up in your organization but they need time and experience to develop. We will make sure that these individuals have a development plan so that you can “build leaders for the next generation.”