Estate Planning

Bringing Pen to Paper and Creating Good Stewardshipo

Portrait Of Extended Family Group In ParkLohoff-Gaida Consulting is not an estate planning advisor. However, we can work with your current estate planner or recommend a top firm that we are confident will meet all of your needs.

Estate planning is not a one-time drafting and signing of documents but rather an on-going process that needs to be adopted and refined as the family business environment and legal/tax framework change. Estate planning is a process that develops and implements strategies necessary to continue your family business legacy.

Believe it or not, we will all die. Some of us sooner than others. We need to have our financial, legal and tax house in order. The well being of our families and employees depend on it.  And for those lucky enough to retire before they die, estate planning is also vitally important so that assets are transferred to your heirs at the lowest possible tax rate and your financial independence during retirement is guaranteed.

Don’t procrastinate! Start working on your estate plan today.