Expatriate Spouse Preparation and Coaching

An unhappy spouse and family can have a negative impact on the global assignment. We will be there to support the spouse through coaching and compassion.

Managing an important link between success and failure while abroad

While companies may invest considerable resources on behalf of expatriate employees, many overlook the unique issues and needs facing their spouses and families. Spouses may give up their careers, leave their friends, and find themselves having to plant roots in a new and unfamiliar country. Spousal stress or dissatisfaction is one of the primary reasons that many international assignments fail or lead to divorce.

We can help your employees and their families adapt to these challenges and thrive in their new environment.

Our expatriate spouse services include:

  • Conducting pre-assignment discussions with the employee and spouse to better understand both potential obstacles and opportunities during the international assignment
  • Offering a six-month coaching program to focus the spouse on the positive experience of being in a foreign environment
  • Working with the spouse to create a personalized development plan for effectively using his or her time and talents in their new environment

Free Informational Packet – Trailing Spouse

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