Expatriate Selection, Preparation and Development

Creating a clear roadmap to achieve the greatest ROI from international assignments.

Ensuring the right talent fit for international assignments

International companies typically invest three to four times as much on their expatriate employees as on their similarly skilled local-market employees. At any given time, a large multinational company can easily have hundreds of expatriate employees abroad. Yet despite this huge investment, 15–20% of international assignments fail before the assignment is over or upon repatriation. The results? Short- or long-term voids in in-market leadership or expertise, loss of productivity, negative impacts on potential future expatriates, and talent attrition.

Lohoff-Gaida Consulting can ensure the success of your expatriate assignments, from the start and for the long term. Our in-depth expatriate solutions include:

  • Candidate selection to ensure social, cultural, and career-path fit with the assignment
  • Intensive assessment of candidates’ individual strengths and development needs
  • Preparation of an employee’s spouse and family for international relocation
  • Creating an individualized employee development plan
  • Preparing the employee for the international assignment
  • Coaching the employee’s manager on providing ongoing support and oversight during the assignment
  • Employee coaching and assessment during key assignment milestones—90 days, six months, 12 months—or on an ongoing basis
  • Preparing the employee for a successful return home and reintegration into the local organization