Executive Retirement Transition

Companies benefit if their executives can transfer smoothly from corporate to private citizen. We assist your executives move from success to significance.

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Managing the transfer of expertise and a smooth post-career transition

Senior executives are very powerful, smart andhardworking individuals. They have invested years of their life in your company and have helped you achieve success. But the day will come when it is time for them to retire and begin the post-career phase of their lives.

Unfortunately, many organizations and individuals are unprepared for the changes that retirement brings. For organizations, this lack of preparation can mean that vital expertise and experience go out the door with the executive. For the individual, the post-career period can be disorienting, frustrating and unproductive both in the short- and long-term. In all, many organizations miss the opportunity to make such transitions a positive experience for the company and their departing executives.

We can guide your organization in making the most of executive retirement transitions.

Our services include:

  • Working with the retiring executive and senior management to create a knowledge transfer plan to be implemented 12 months prior to retirement
  • Coaching and consulting both outgoing and incoming executives during the transition phase
  • Coaching the executive during the last 12 months of their corporate career to help them assess their passions and abilities and make a successful, satisfying post-career transition.