International Cross Cultural Training

There is no 'one best way' of managing and organizing -- there are different ways.

istock-lohoff-gaida2On May 7, 1998 two very successful companies, one American, the other German,  merged to create one of the world’s largest automobile companies with a market capitalization of $100 billion and 442,000 employees.  Three years later Daimler Chrysler’s market capitalization was down to $44 billion.

What happened to this so-called “merger of equals”?

Daimler Chrysler’s failure can be attributed to a clash of cultures. This clash led to dislike, distrust and finger pointing.

Doing business in the global marketplace has risks and rewards. Lohoff-Gaida Consulting can help you minimize the risks that come from working in a foreign culture.  Whether you are a foreign entity working in the United States or an American company with operations overseas, our 25 years of international experience will help your organization reach its full potential in the global market place.

We offer group workshops and individual coaching to meet any need you may have:

  • Multicultural Team Building
  • Global Awareness Training
  • Expatriate Coaching
  • Trailing Spouse Coaching
  • Foreign Assignment Preparation
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Repatriation Coaching
  • Onboarding