Understanding your employees better to fuel organizational growth.

Purchase a Behavioral Profile for $199.00   For a limited time, and to better understand the results of your assessment, you can arrange a 30 minute conversation with Dr. Burt Lohoff-Gaida, at no additional charge. Once you have reviewed your personal report, just e-mail with your contact information and he will schedule a phone call with you.


Have you ever wondered why people are the way they are? What motivates people and what are their expectations of a job or a company? If you are an employer and know these things about your people, you can have a huge, positive impact on them.

Lohoff-Gaida uses ProScan® from PDP, a non-threatening, quick, easy and reliable survey tool that is the best behavioral survey instrument in the market.

ProScan® will help you better understand your people in the areas of:

  • Energy Resources
  • Satisfaction Index
  • Stress Adjustment
  • Energy Drain
  • Decision-Making Style
  • Communication Style
  • Leadership Style
  • Back-up Style
  • Negative Environments
  • Motivational Elements
  • Overriding Needs Survey


PDP Competitive Analysis

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